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Visitors to Dublin have several accommodation options. The city has everything from budget inns to luxury hotels, and many are conveniently close to the University and city facilities such as shopping malls and parks.

Hotels and Accommodation

Visiting students or parents can choose from a number of quality hotels less than 1 km / 0.5 miles from the university campus. Less than 100 metres / 328 feet away from the campus stands the George Frederic Handel Hotel, perfect for tourists as it is a short walk away from Dublin's main tourist attractions. For those on a budget, Hotel St George offers affordable rooms with cosy furnishings.

Trinity College also offers more than 800 guest rooms during peak season (from June to September). This apartment-style accommodation is supported by a housekeeping staff.

Student Accommodation

During school terms, the university offers a wide range of in-campus student lodgings, from single study rooms to five-bedroom apartments. It also owns Trinity Hall, a residence hall just outside the campus offering one-, two-, and three-bed rooms with television and Internet access.

Unlike most other universities that allot rooms on a "first come first served" basis, the University of Dublin allocates rooms with aim of establishing a lively community, accommodating the varied interests and backgrounds of the students. As a general rule, students who are willing to stay in twin rooms (sharing) are prioritized. There are also rooms readily available for students with special needs. Students who have unique requirements may apply for special rooms in the Registrar of Chambers.

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